Foundation For Our Children FFOC | About Jeremy

Jeremy Goff


Jeremy Goff is a second generation contractor who learned the idea of “Paying it Forward” as a young man. Jeremy was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout and, true to form, his scouting project was focused on youth. Jeremy created and installed benches so other kids could watch their friends play baseball. The value of a child being able to actually be a child has long-term benefits for both the individual and society as a whole.

Understanding that Jeremy is currently the President of Top Rank Home Services, which is located in Elk Grove, might make you think he’s done nothing but small business. Jeremy worked successfully in a corporate environment in many different states and had teams ranging from 30 to as large as 200. In his role with these companies, he has been called on to coach and mentors his staff and this has given him a unique perspective on business and personal life. These experiences have also helped him discover how to get the most out of each staff member on any given day.

When Foundation For Our Children asked Jeremy to take on the role of President he talked it over with his family and they agreed he had something to give. As a father of 3 children with 2 adopted children, he knows no one can ever have too many people in their life who love them. Jeremy is a serial entrepreneur and works to share his love of family and success with everyone he encounters.