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Helping our children in times of disaster and need


Foundation For Our Children provides for the health and safety of children and families through humanitarian crisis management, together with wellness education.



Breathelab natural nasal breath work program was developed as a foundational humanitarian aid tool to help those in crisis situations and with longer term stress management issues in a healthy, holistic way.

Breathelab enables those interested in being true humanitarians who are stressed, fatigued, have low self-esteem, and have health challenges to experience a deep sense of peace and compassion, and to work selflessly on behalf of humanity. They have real life skills and tools that change the way they engage in the world, moving from fear to calm, thus handling intense and unpredictable crisis situations with conscious leadership and love.

More technically, Breathelab provides training with breathing techniques that activate the parasympathetic nervous system, directly affecting healing, dissipating physical fight or flight response, and promoting emotional and spiritual healing after a crisis situation and for everyday life.

For more information on Breathelab and how we are helping those in crisis situations with breathwork, go to the Breathelab page

Hope For Los Cabos

Hope for Los Cabos’ mission is to serve the underprivileged in Los Cabos and support local charities by coming alongside them in donating, volunteering, encouraging and fundraising for their charity.​

Through our Fish for Food program, we’ve provided 50,000 pounds of fish in two years to various local charities, churches and families in need — over 150,000 meals!

We also provide college scholarships. We are currently raising funds for a community center and feeding center for children. We build bathrooms and help fund the building of homes.

We provide mattresses, clothes, food, and necessary supplies after storms, which happen every year in Los Cabos.

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